Colin is a deeply skilled craftsman with intimate working knowledge of fine woods and metals, and marries his myriad skills to produce timeless heirloom pieces for a discerning clientele. As an artisan, he has a depth of knowledge and skill unparalleled in his field.

Colin Rock Guitars are mainly Spanish Classical, and arose from his love of the Flamenco tradition. These timeless instruments are painstakingly handcrafted from the finest woods available, and often feature distinctive custom inlay work which utilises minerals, metals, or reconstituted materials. A Colin Rock guitar is an elegant heirloom, built for sound and beauty, which will stand the test of time.

Most recently, Colin has spent his energy exploring larger medium works, such as statement furniture pieces and custom cabinetry. He works with the finest materials available and created countless exceptional pieces of bespoke furniture. His designs are modern and contemporary and he works closely with clients and suppliers to ensure that he crafts a product that seamlessly blends form and function.